-Why do I have two shops?

The space on my website is limited, But I just can’t stop creating! The “overflow” gets posted to my Etsy page (www.etsy.com/shop/GemandPebble). If you need any help looking for an item please don’t hesitate to ask! Also discounted or SALE items also get posted to the Etsy page. Please take some to time to visit both!

-How do I care for my item?

I use several different types of metals in the items I create. I always recommend keeping jewelry clean and dry and not to store in direct sunlight (colors can fade/change over time) or in the bathroom (too much moisture). You can also keep your extra special pieces in individual plastic bags for extra protection.

Try to avoid direct contact with perfumes and lotions and always remove your jewelry before sports, sleeping, bathing or showering.

As this item is hand made, please treat it as such. Always remove your jewelry before doing any activity that may damage your special piece.

-What is electroforming?

Electroforming is the process of depositing copper on a selected surface using an acid bath and a controlled electrical current. Because of this process, the results can be unpredictable, sometimes the copper may form bubbles or striations, sometimes it will be very smooth. No mater what the outcome it is always unique and beautiful, making every piece a one of a kind original

The process of electroforming takes multiple steps and each item can take sever days to complete. Each of my items are created with the utmost care and attention to detail. Each stone is hand picked with love and purpose in mind.

-My copper electroformed piece has gotten darker/dull. Can I fix this?

Yes, to shine your electroformed piece back up I suggest a polishing cloth or a quick once over with a brass brush. This will bring back the shine to your copper pieces. Copper will change/darken over time so you will need to do this ever so often.

-Will copper turn my skin green!?

Possibly, depending on your body chemistry, but don’t worry, it’s actually completely normal. Copper reacts natural to the PH levels in your body. If you have a PH level on the acidic side, the reaction from your sweat and the copper may leave a greenish tinge on your skin. This is completely harmless and can easily be washed off using soap and water. Some people believe that the minute amounts of  copper absorbed through the skin while wearing copper jewelry can actually be beneficial for easing joint pain. For this reason, I usually leave my pieces raw and without lacquer.

To help avoid the greenish tinge try to remember to remove your jewelry before doing activities that may make you sweat. You can also apply a clear lacquer or wax (clear nail polish even works) to the piece but keep in mind that it will wear off eventually and need to be redone. I am more than happy to apply one for you, just let me know!